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If you require rending services, consider Milan Builders. A trusted contractor serving Brighton and Sussex, Milan Builders provides a full design and build service to domestic and commercial clients. Among our many services is rendering external walls. Milan Builders can deliver all types of rendering and repairs to any property. Our skilled tradesmen have a proven track record of delivering reliable, attractive and affordable house rendering projects that bring to life any design preference or vision.


Milan Builders undertakes all types of exterior and house rendering projects. Our tradesmen are fully qualified and insured. They have extensive experience in rendering external walls on a wide variety of domestic and commercial properties.

Our rendering professionals have experience in a range of rendering materials, including stucco, pebble-dash, sand, cement, latex, and other types of coating and rendering.

They also apply durable coatings that offer protection from the elements, including water and damp related damage. For restorative work on existing properties, our dedicated tradesmen work diligently to respect the look and feel of the property and existing rendering. If you own a heritage or listed property, you can be confident that Milan Builders will carefully repair and render your exterior walls to ensure a complete restoration. When completing rendering work on new builds or extensions, our rendering specialists work with you to create and deliver a look that achieves your design objectives. Our rendering specialists can also provide plain rendered finishes or create decorative finishes that add a unique look and feel to your home or business. In addition to adding decorative features, our tradesmen can also paint exterior walls to deliver a complete finish.


Milan Builders provides repair services to all types of house rendering. Our detail-oriented tradesmen can repair cracks, re-render exterior wall coatings, or re-paint walls. Any detailing and mouldings can also be repaired and restored. If your exterior walls are faded and damaged or if the rendering on your property is lifting, chipped or peeling, Milan Builders can provide effective and durable repairs. We can restore any colour rendering and match existing colours. Whatever repair work you may need, the result is a seamless and attractive finish that restores and enhances the beauty of your property.


Whether you are looking to render new walls or repair existing walls, Milan Builders offers the best possible solutions for your property. Our rendering specialists work hard to keep house rendering costs low. Milan Builders’ expert tradesmen work closely with each individual client in order to develop design and build solutions that meet and respect their budget and vision. In addition to a free estimate, our builders provide a range of options that best suit your budget and project requirements. No unnecessary or additional work beyond your needs will be recommended. If you are considering any type of rendering project, including restorative or repair work, call Milan Builders today for more information and a free quote.

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