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Milan Builders offers extensive tiling services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Brighton and Sussex. Among our high-quality and reliable services is tiling exterior and interior walls. From bathroom and kitchen walls to exterior walls on your property or extension, our expert tradesmen deliver refined and sophisticated wall tiling services for any type of project. We work closely with you to select tile materials, colours and finishes that respect your budget and design preferences. Throughout our involvement in your project, our tiling specialists will take every step necessary to leave you with an attractive wall featuring stunning tiles and a professional finish second to none.

Milan Builders, a full-service design and build company, can also work with you to create mosaics and other decorative features on your tiled wall.


Milan Builders’ skilled tradesmen have extensive experience in wall tiling. They can create tiled walls using all types of tiles, including limestone, slate, granite, ceramic, marble, and other materials. Our wall tiling experts apply durable adhesives, including grout and other types of mortar that best suite the type of tile being used. The result is a long-lasting hold that secures tiles and protects your wall from water and damp. Milan Builders works directly with you and manufactures to find and purchase the best tiles for your property, budget and design objectives. Our helpful tradesmen will provide advice and guidance on materials, colours and other factors to help you make decisions on the best design and material s for your property.


mirror-64366_1280Milan Builders delivers a range of tile replacement, repair and restoration services. Loose or missing tiles can allow water to seem into the wall. When restoring and repairing wall tiles, Milan Builders works with you, manufactures and other industry partners to find new or reclaimed tiles that offer the best possible match. We do our best to match the colour, texture and material of surrounding wall tiles to leave you with a refined and seamless finish. Before fitting replacement wall tiles, our wall tiling specialists will show your samples in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the new or reclaimed tiles that will be used in or on your property. In addition to replacing wall tiles, our tradesmen can restore and replace mortar and other adhesive to secure loose wall tiles. They can also repair cracks and chips, as well as undertake other associated wall repairs such as damp proofing or repairing water related damage.


The goal of every one of our wall tile installers is to ensure your design preferences and vision is reflected in the finished product. That is why our dedicated and courteous tradesmen work with you every step of the way to answer questions and address any concerns. Every effort is made in order to ensure your ideas are realised. When choosing wall tiles, our tiling specialists will provide samples in order to assist you in making an informed decision. Call Milan Builders today to discuss your ideas and to receive a free quote for your wall tiling project.

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