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Here at Milan Group, we excel at building foundations and concrete footings for commercial and residential building projects. Over the years we have been able to work on both small and large projects, and always to the great satisfaction of our customers.

Preparation of the ground is vital before the start of the foundation stage. In the majority of our projects, therefore, foundation building and ground preparation go hand in hand. Milan Group is the first contractor on ground at many building sites across Brighton. Our initial work is seen and assessed by building inspectors. Some of the work we do during a foundation project includes:

  • Ground levelling
  • Setting out dimensions and levelling
  • Digging out for the foundation
  • Building the concrete foundation; base steelwork inclusive
  • Building the walls up to the damp proof course level
  • Infill to prepare for floor slabs

The two main types of foundations we carry out here at Milan Group are strip foundations and trench fill foundations.


Strip foundations are wider than trench fill foundations, however, less concrete is used. Measuring 300mm in thickness, strip foundations are one of the most popular types of foundations projects in Sussex and it is deployed in softer soils like sand. In sloping sites, the foundations are stepped in order to keep them level.IMG_1060


This is another popular option for self-builders and commercial operators. With trench fill foundations, there is no bricklaying below the ground. To save time and effort, concrete is poured within 150mm of the surface ground level. The sides of the trench play as much a part in supporting the load as the bottom. However, this foundation is only deployed in stable ground with firm trench sides capable of bearing loads. Chalk soils and clay soil are most suitable for trench fill foundations.

Here at Milan Group, we believe that building foundations should be a tidy and efficient process. We are mindful of the existing landscaping and garden area, and avoid disruption to the local environment.

We have experience working on small residential projects and large scale commercial projects.

Taking a complacent attitude to foundations is risky. It is very easy to get things wrong. Avoid extra costs by allowing experts to work on your foundations project in Brighton from the outset.

Bear in mind that getting the foundations right doesn’t matter only for you. The local planning authority will want to see that your home is built in the right position, according to approved plans. From a planning point of view they focus on distances to boundaries as well as building levels to avoid issues such as over-shading and overlooking of neighbouring buildings. You can count on us here at Milan Group to get things spot on from the get go.

Give us a call today on 01273 555 642 to discuss your foundations project.

Milan Building Services provide reliable foundation works, enabling you to feel confident in the support for any building we build.

We ensure that all our on-site personnel work in close relation with our project and site managers, as well as surveyors, engineers and architects to ensure solid foundation works.

We undertake all types of groundworks, i.e. residential, commercial, industrial or new build. We thus realise the importance of all foundation types, having worked in deep and wide foundations, piled foundations and raft foundations.

Our expertise within the groundworks sector means that you should feel assured by the quality of service we provide. We invest in the most up to date equipment and machinery to ensure that our work meets the highest of standards and is delivered on time and budget.

Be sure to give Milan Building Services a call should you require works in Brighton, Sussex, London or anywhere across the South East of England, and we would be happy to provide a a quote, and after which complete the works to the highest of standards.

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