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Milan Builders, one of Brighton’s leading groundwork companies, is a full design and build contractor. We serve domestic and commercial clients throughout Brighton and Sussex. Among our expert services is ground works. We specialise in a full range of ground work solutions for commercial and domestic projects of any scale, including new builds and restorative or repair work. Our professional builders deliver foundational and structural works, excavation and drainage works. Milan Builders also provides all types of brickwork, landscaping and paving.


In every project, our tradesmen are committed to providing secure and durable ground works that support your property and keep you safe. Milan Builders has a wealth of experience in a variety of ground work projects.

Our tradesmen apply their experience and skill to provide you with efficient results and professional service. The highest standard of workmanship and service is maintained on all our projects, regardless of their size or scale. As a full-service design and build contractor, Milan Builders applies a complete project management approach to ensure all your requirements are met.

approach to ensure all your requirements are met. Our builders work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives. Through every stage of the project, every aspect of the work being undertaken is monitored to ensure on-time and on-budget results.


Milan Builders offers complete design and build services for extensions and other structures, including building walls, fitting electrical and plumbing works, decorative and painting services, and other works. In addition to new ground works, Milan Builders can repair existing ground works. From repairing foundations to improving drainage on your property to replacing paving on your driveway, any type of repair can be undertaken by our dedicated ground work experts.


Corner-Croft-5If you are looking for a ground work contractor in Brighton and Sussex that you can trust, look no further than Milan Builders. We provide an honest and reliable service. This commitment begins with our free, no obligation quote and continues until we successfully complete your project. Every effort is made to ensure any ground work on your property is undertaken with respect to your project objectives and budget. Our professional builders provide you with fair and unbiased advice, and they leave no concern or question unaddressed.

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