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Looking for the right construction firm to tackle your Brighton based retail project? Then Milan Builders is the company for you – specialising in all manner of retail project briefs, with a longstanding history of providing top quality, affordable and professional retail construction to the larger Sussex area.


If you are a business owner or the head of a retail park project, or something similar, there is nothing worse than contracting the wrong construction firm to do the heavy lifting for you; often it is too late to retroactively back out, or substantial damage has been done (physical or financial).

This is why we, at Milan Builders, think it’s important to constantly remind our prospective customers about our golden reputation as premium retail builders amongst the Brighton people and assure anybody looking for a reliable construction firm that we have exactly what it takes to get the job done.

With Milan Builders, you don’t just get a company of professional, highly trained and dedicated builders, electricians, designers and groundwork experts – you also get the care and attention that a serious project requires.

A sample of what we can offer:

  • Conscientious communication between all parts of our workforce and you, the client
  • Detailed, open design and planning from the initial stages onwards
  • High class construction work and up to date building industry standards, at all times
  • High-street retail projects
  • Business park planning and construction
  • Resource centre building (job centres etc.)
  • Shopping centre planning, design and construction


If all that isn’t enough to convince you of our dedication and superiority to other local Sussex construction companies, then you may want to consider our core principles as an ethical modern establishment.

Each and every step of all our builds strives to incorporate eco-friendly materials, methods of construction and maintenance – you’ll find no more environmentally conscious and green-dedicated construction business in the surrounding area, of that you can be assured.

Our competitive and fair pricing schemes are not just for show. They stem from our central company values and passion for supplying top tier construction work for a fair and reasonable price, at all times. This means honest quotes, on-time delivery of services, and strict adherence to agreed-upon budgets.

Additionally, we supply every service you could possibly require, from the initial planning and discussion stages all the way up until the doors open on your first day of business – retail construction is our bread and butter; our reputation amongst Sussex business outlets can attest to that.

So, to get a start with your retail build or refurbishment, please don’t hesitate to grab the phone and speak to us at +44 1273 555 642 or email us at [email protected]

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