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Stuck in a quandary over who to bring in on your residential construction problem? Look no further – Milan Builders are your answer.

We have decades of combined residential construction experience amongst our dedicated and professional workforce, which puts us at the top of the food chain for all residential building required in the Brighton and surrounding area.


Corner-Croft-16Flexibility is a key tenet in the company values of Milan Builders – many contemporary construction firms tend to stay rigorously pigeonholed around residential builds, with a strict adherence to particular themes and forms of construction.

Although this is sometimes unavoidable for particular areas (think council estates and other such areas where homes must be of the same standard, shape and size), we at Milan Builders pride ourselves on being as flexible, creative and discursive as possible when it comes to supplying the dream residential premises for you.

When you hire us, you’re getting a direct link to our fantastic industry services such as:

  • Unrivalled planning and design professionalism from the get-go
  • Quick, no-fuss and extremely reliable construction work
  • Open, communicative and customer-focused service
  • Renovations, refurbishment or repairs on already existing residential buildings
  • Housing estate construction and planning
  • Individual home building services, bespoke or otherwise
  • Residential additions, such as groundwork for gardens or interior work such as electricals
  • Incredible quality home extensions, guaranteed to increase house value


vallery-drive-brighton-builders-6Aside from our offer of top-tier dedication and professionalism at all points throughout the residential construction process, and our company promise to remain in regular contact with all customers throughout the entire build – we, at Milan Builders, like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop.

When undertaking a big financial and emotional commitment like constructing your own residential property, it’s important to have everything streamlined and planned well in advance. With Milan Builders you get everything in the one package; planning, designs, groundwork, interior electricals, highly professional construction and foundation work, maintenance, repairs and more.

We save you time, effort and money by giving it all, rather than forcing our customers to have to seek external contractors to fill in the gaps.
Additionally, we put eco-friendly construction and design at the forefront of our builds. It isn’t simply an industry requirement for us, we believe wholeheartedly in the ethical and financial improvement of both the planet and our construction industry; which is why we lead by example by incorporating green energy and efficiency in all of our residential builds – passing that dedication on to you.

It’s no wonder that we’re the envy of all other Brighton and Hove construction firms. We don’t build residential houses, we build homes.
For it to be your home next, simply call us up on +44 1273 555 642 or email us at [email protected]

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