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On the lookout for a construction firm that knows how to handle a delicate heritage site? Look no further. Here, at Milan Builders, we pride ourselves on the care, consideration and compassion that we deliver in all of our construction briefs, but arguably none more so than our heritage projects.


When looking to hire a construction firm to tackle a complicated project like a heritage site, renovation or original build, it can be easy to get bogged down in the financials, and search for the most affordable outfit in the local area. Now, luckily for both us and you, looking for the most affordable construction firm is likely to bring you to the Milan Builders’ doorstep anyway, but we believe that there’s more to a heritage project than simple cost savings.

For something as culturally relevant and sensitive as an important historical landmark or a listed building, you want to know you’re giving the job to a team of consummate professionals who know exactly what they’re doing at all times, with a vast history of handling similar construction tasks in the past.

With us, you’re guaranteed a dedicated crack team of heritage construction experts, with lots of previous experience in the Brighton and Hove area. Some of the services and benefits that we can offer you today are:

  • Detailed, informative discussion before planning begins
  • Meticulous planning and design stages
  • First class renovation work where required
  • Delicate, professional construction and maintenance work on listed areas
  • Refurbishment of older, listed buildings and structures
  • Excavation of historically important land areas
  • Maintenance and care of culturally relevant landmarks


One of our core principles across all of our construction sectors is our strong belief in local communities and maintaining a high standard of building across the Brighton and Hove area – this can be seen in many of our community/local authority projects, but is perhaps most notable in our attitude towards important heritage sites.

Retaining a deep history and culture is a fundamentally important aspect of any geographical area, and we, at Milan Builders, incorporate this attitude into our ethical, eco-friendly, contemporary techniques so as not to damage, disrupt or in any way alter culturally significant areas during our work.

Our history of successful heritage construction leads us to believe that we are the best combination of high-class building work in the Sussex area, with value for money and a company conscience – something that is decidedly lacking in many other competitive construction firms.

We’re not only providing Brighton with a premium construction service at an affordable cost, we’re helping keep its history alive.

If you want a meaningful, significant approach to a complex heritage construction, renovation or maintenance project today then think Milan Builders.

We can be reached at +44 1273 555 642 or email us at [email protected]

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