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If you’re looking for a top class construction firm with a conscience to handle your delicate healthcare needs, then you can do no better than Milan Builders. Let us talk you through some of our core values for healthcare construction and renovation work, and why it’s garnered us such a popular reputation amongst local authorities.


Whilst looking for the right construction firm to handle a healthcare project, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. Not only do you want to pick a firm loaded with industry professionals, trained for years and with a thick tapestry of past experience working in the sector. You also want to find a company that understands the degree of respect, consideration and care that needs to go into such a sensitive build; a company that understands this project isn’t just another financial mark in the ledger – this is a project for the people.

Milan Builders offers all of this and more, with our longstanding, enviable reputation and experience with healthcare construction in the Sussex area.

When you approach us to tackle a health related project, you can rest assured that our expertise stems from a history of construction works like:

  • Detailed, dedicated and communicative planning on all healthcare projects
  • Appropriately and realistically time-scaled briefs, so as to keep operations running
  • Planning, design and creation of hospital campuses
  • Building works on hospices, care homes and resource centres
  • Maintenance and renovation on older healthcare buildings
  • Industry-gold-standard construction work
  • Construction of industrial scale hospital buildings


vallery-drive-brighton-builders-6Naturally, Milan Builders is not the only construction firm working in the Brighton area with experience in the healthcare sector – we’d be foolish to think otherwise. That said; we are easily one of the most compassionate companies working today.

Rarely do we view our prospective builds and projects as simple business transactions. We view each hiring as a chance to improve upon community facilities or create an environment in which a customer or future resident can happily live.

When it comes to healthcare, getting it right first time with eco-friendly, environmentally conscious methods is never more important to us. A strong, vibrant and secure healthcare industry is vital to any area; and unlike other, less reputable firms, we see this as a virtue as it lines up with our core values and principles as an ethical contemporary construction company.

Aside from, this we also recognise the practicalities involved in sensitive healthcare construction: that disruption and long, drawn-out building processes can be costly in more ways than just the financial, which is why we always make sure that our Brighton health orientated builds are quick, no-hassle and affordable for all involved.

If you want your healthcare construction done right, and for the right ethical reasons, then you must contact Milan Builders today. Ring us up on +44 1273 555 642, +44 7814 612 212 or email us at [email protected]

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