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As of October 2011, house prices fell by 0.9% in Wales and England. This takes the annual price fall to 3.2%. The north-east saw the highest price fall with a fall of 7.2%. London was the only place in Wales and England to experience a rise in the average house values in the past year, with a 0.3% rise.

The one thing which becomes clear from these figures is that this is the time for doing up your Surrey or London based home rather than selling it. With the prices of properties falling everywhere, putting your home up for sale will definitely not fetch you the desired price. This is a great time of upgrading your home. Treat your house as a home by getting rid of the age old furniture and bringing in some major upgrades. This will ultimately help you increase the value of your property.

The trend is right now focused adding  outdoor space, another bathroom, upgrading your kitchen or converting lofts and basements and extending properties. By adding a classic more to your home that you can rediscover your love for your property without the need to move.  Our partner, Shape Architecture, based in London specialize in planning home upgrades.

Less intrusive choice such as kitchens and the bathrooms modifications the are also popular. Changing just the tiling makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of the room. For your kitchen, adding wood / marble counter or a breakfast nook and upgrading your appliances to modernize can make all the difference.  For bathrooms adding a luxury bath can give your home a complete new feel. Why not consult our partner Shape Architecture to get some design plans drawn up.