i360 tower in Brighton

September 17, 2015by admin

The construction of the i360 tower in Brighton has now reached its full height of 162m. As it stands the workers have finished dismantling the jacking tower. They went about this by putting the parts of the jacking tower down on the beach and removing parts of the jacking tower from the site. The workers then commenced work on sections 2 east and west, the jacking collar and skid frame. Afterwards, a second concrete pour happened on the 8th September which has taken the workers even closer to completing the ground floor slab for this brilliant tourist attraction to be.

Removal of the existing arches structure was scheduled to start as of the 8th of September. As for forecasted works on the I360 in Brighton, the passenger pod construction has now taken place. The glazed pod looks remarkably light, and although still being trial assembled at the factory, you can already see that it will soon become a perfect liquid bubble that 200 people will be able to inhabit as it slowly rises in the sky over Brighton and Hove.

Once onboard the Brighton i360 Passenger Pod, travelling from ground level up to 138 metres in the sky, the viewing pod will then give us a 360 degree view through the curved glass, before returning back down to beach level. As there have been improvements in glass technology, the glass used for the i360 tower has a much larger specification (compared to the glass used in the London Eye) meaning that there is need for less air conditioning and ensuring that even in wet weather conditions, the pod won’t steam up.

As for the i360 pod’s other features, it will be heated and air-conditioned, fully accessible for wheelchair users, will have bench seating for anyone in the pod and will also be the home to the unique Brighton i360 Sky Bar.

Finally in other news the announcement of half price tickets for the locals of Brighton and Hove has now been announced, meaning once construction is complete the locals can purchase their half price tickets, so make sure you are not the last!