January 11, 2012by admin

Renovation and repair play a very important role when it comes to home improvement. A large number of Surrey and London based homeowners today are considering energy efficient home improvement ideas which can help them lower their carbon footprint and decrease their energy bills. Contractors and builders throughout the area are offering a number of suggestions on how to increase the insulation of your home to make it more energy efficient.

Increase the Insulation

There are a number of ways to introduce new insulation in your home. If you are not quite sure what will work for your home, consult a contractor or a builder. A builder will be able to identify areas in your home which require the most insulation. These professionals will also be able to provide you cost-effective insulation solutions.

Insulating and sealing your home, especially the floors, doors, windows, ceilings and outer walls, is the best way to improve comfort and energy efficiency. Cellulose insulation and insulating spray foam are great options for insulating your home attic without having to completely renovate.

Expansion Foam for Smaller Spaces

Insulation through expansion foam is an ideal solution for smaller spaces and openings. The space behind the electrical switch plates on your exterior walls, small openings used for running internet, cable and electricity lines and plumbing pipe openings are spaces where this can be used.

Other Insulating Ideas

Energy efficient siding and roofing will also help you reduce your cooling and heating bills. It will also enhance the curb appeal of your home. Window blinds and curtains can help you use effective lighting strategies during the day which will ultimately take the burden off your lighting needs. When it comes to insulation, thicker curtains are more effective. Another great option is to upgrade your water heating. If you install a solar heating system, it will be the best option for energy efficiency. This will also last for a longer time.