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Milan Builders provides an extensive menu of wood flooring services to clients in Brighton and throughout Sussex. If you are looking for laying, repairing, refinishing or restoring solid wood flooring in Brighton and Sussex, our expert flooring specialists are keen to provide you with unbeatable customer service and first class workmanship. Our qualified Brighton builders and flooring tradesmen have a depth of experience on all types of wood flooring projects, from restorations in heritage properties to laying wood flooring in new builds.

For wood floor restoration, Milan Builders Services is meticulous in its efforts to reinvigorate the look and beauty of flooring that has become worn or damaged from wear and tear.

From filling gaps to removing fireplaces and replacing damaged floorboards, every effort is taken to repair and restore your floor. Our Brighton floor sanding specialists are also experienced in repairing wood flooring that has become degraded as a result of water damage or damp. They will take steps to minimise the reoccurrence of water or damp issues, including using industry-leading seals and finishes that provide the best protection for your wooden floors. We also replace any damaged floorboards with wood that best matches your original wood flooring.


No matter what your wood flooring needs, our Brighton builders offer personalised service that is second to none in Sussex. Milan Builders Services, a reliable and trusted Brighton floor sanding and restoration company, approaches each project collaboratively to ensure individual requirements of each customer is met. Our builders are fully qualified and our company is fully insured, giving you the peace of mind that any time you hire Milan Builders Services you will be working with a reputable and honest company.

During all our Sussex and Brighton floor sanding and restoration projects, we walk you through the sanding process. Our builders do their best to minimise disruption to you and your home, which is why we only use the latest sanding machines that are virutally dust free. When selecting finishes, we work closely with you to determine the best colour and finish for your floor. Milan Builders Services stocks a wide range of stains, varnishes and oils to meet all style and design requirements. Before we stain your floor, our flooring specialists will apply test samples on your floor so you can see what the finished product will look like and make an informed decision about the best finish for your floor.

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