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Milan Builders undertake spray painting within a given project, delivering exceptional coating and finishing to almost any object and surface. We are committed to offering you a personalised service and we use only the most reliable and advanced technology available on the market.

Our dedicated painters provide superior finishes to every project, and they are committed to delivering a high standard of customer service

What We Do

From furniture and doors to kitchens and baths, Milan Builders can help you with all your spray painting needs. Our professional painters can restore and revitalise almost any object made from most materials, including wood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF), plastic, glass, and metal. We have experience in spray painting a broad range of surfaces, including objects with smooth, high-gloss, suede, and textured finishes. Our skilled painters also provide wood staining and metal paint spraying services. No matter what the job may be, the end result is a professional finish that is both attractive and durable.

Throughout their work, our painters will ensure there is minimal disruption to you. In addition to working on projects at our workshop, our painters also offer on-site spray painting.

Our Spray Painting Services

Milan Builders is known for delivering comprehensive coating and finishing services for commercial and domestic clients. Regardless of what your project may be, you can be confident that the end product will be well-finished and eye-catching.

If your project requires spray-painting, we cover:

  • Kitchen and Baths
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Walls and Windows
  • Spray Paint Finishes
  • Coating and Finishing Services

Milan Builders uses the finest and best coating and finishing products on all our projects. We can apply clear lacquer, wood staining, and high-gloss polish, as well as high-build, two-pack polyurethane paint. The paints we use adhere effectively to surfaces and form a durable and bonded coating that lasts for several years. Our painters will work with you to select the appropriate colour and finish for your item that best suits its surface and material.

  • Colour Matching
  • Wood Finishes
  • Metal and Chrome Finishes
  • Domestic and Commerical Projects

Milan Builders offers on-site spray painting, as well as at our workshop facilities. Our professional painters can work on both domestic and commercial projects. We have delivered high-quality finished projects for building contractors, manufacturers, joiners, carpenters, designers, and architects.


Throughout all our projects, you can expect to be regularly consulted. We are also committed to on-time delivery. Our qualified painters ensure the finished product reflects your colour and design preferences, and any other requirements you specify. Whether you are restoring furniture or spray painting an item for the first time, we are ready to walk you through the finishing process and answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, our painters will offer helpful tips on after-care to ensure the finish remains vibrant and well protected.

If you are thinking of having your furniture or any other household or commercial object spray painted, contact us today to find our more about our affordable and competitive rates.

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