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Who better than Milan Builders for educational building works in the Brighton area?

With our reputation amongst industry experts, competitive firms and our loyal customer base the evidence all points in one direction: Milan Builders are the construction business for you, if you’re looking for affordable, ethical and reliable building and renovation work in the education sector.


blog-milan-builders-brighton-700x439Taking on projects within the education sector is something a little different for us; it isn’t simply another brick and mortar job to be treated like any old construction brief – some building firms might operate in this manner, but never Milan Builders.
We recognise the importance of local education establishments for future generations, and one of the most pertinent factors towards gaining an excellent education is the environment in which we learn. It’s with this in mind that we strive to approach each and every educational construction project with perfection in our sights.
We work together with local authorities, council groups, teacher/parent committees and the local communities at large to ensure that any construction work that we take on will have a proactive future for our young persons’ education.

An idea of some of the education work you can approach us for:

  • Bespoke design and planning from the early stages of discussion
  • Quick, contained and reliable construction work
  • High quality educational builds
  • Refurbishments, renovations and maintenance on pre-standing education structures
  • Work on, or building of, school buildings of all sizes and levels
  • Nursery and day-care projects
  • University and college buildings
  • University and college campus designs
  • Residential education accommodation (university halls, boarding school accommodation etc.)


It’s a difficult objective to achieve in the modern construction business: setting yourself out from the crowd and making your name known. That said, here at Milan Builders, every day that passes by is another day of happy custom, critical praise and improvements in our local reputation: the only way to set yourself apart from the rest is to do it best, and keep doing it best.

With our eco-friendly, ethical approach to all construction projects (something we believe is especially important in our education construction work, as future generations are the ones that must carry the environmentally friendly torch) and our passionate drive to leave our mark on all builds – you can rest assured that Milan Builders education projects will go unsurpassed.

With our conscientious pricing schemes, as well as our cutting edge approach to contemporary construction, we’re able to pass a huge amount of savings directly on to you – which is the only ethical approach to providing strong community institutions if you ask us.

Your search for the finest quality construction form for future Brighton and Hove education centres ends here! Call us on +44 1273 555 642, or drop us an email at [email protected]

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