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ECO Friendly Builders

Milan Builders Services is committed to offer green solutions that fit your budget. From the materials we source to the designs we create, environmentally sustainable considerations are always top of mind. Every effort is made to save energy and reduce waste. This does not just save money, it is the responsible thing to do in order to ensure our activities do not harm the environment.

We take pride in creating environmentally sustainable, liveable spaces. Milan Builders Services have experience in building and renovating commercial and domestic properties that feature the latest in green and eco-friendly designs and materials. Our Brighton builders receive ongoing training in leading green and eco-friendly construction methods, and consider environmentally sustainable materials and practices in every aspect of the design and build of all our projects.

Energy-Saving Green Design and Build

Our expert builders and tradesmen look at every project to determine how best to maximise our resources and reduce waste, including selecting materials that have low to no adverse impacts on the environment and recycling wood and other materials from our projects. We are committed to delivering a greener, more responsible way of doing business. From installing energy efficient windows to designing and fitting green energy heating solutions, our Brighton and Sussex builders have a wide range of eco-friendly construction experience.

To ensure the most environmentally sustainable and efficient property possible, the materials and fixtures we use in our projects are also eco-friendly. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in designing and building green homes that leave you with efficient heating and water systems. Environmental practices are also considered in our repair work and installations. We install windows, walls, fixtures, and roofs that maximise energy efficiency. This includes supplying a wide range of grade A to C energy-rated windows that reduce heat loss during colder months and reduce the amount of heat entering your property in warmer months. We also design and fit energy-efficient and smart lighting.

Environmentally Responsible Sourcing

Modern apartment buildings in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

Environmental impacts are considered in the choice of the materials and equipment we use. We do our best to source only from the eco-friendly suppliers. We also choose products that are non-toxic and natural to provide you with green and healthy homes. We stock leading brands from green manufacturers and suppliers, including energy-rated windows, non-toxic and natural wood flooring seals and finishes, energy efficient boilers, and eco-friendly paints.

Healthier Homes and Properties

multi-family-home-1026481_1920Our Brighton building contractors are committed to designing homes that provide healthy living for the people who occupy them. We design healthy indoor environments by using paints, solvents, plastics, timbers, and other materials that reduce allergic reactions and other health issues. Our builders design properties that optimise ventilation and reduce the occurrence of biological pollutants, such as dust mites and moulds that can cause asthma, depression, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, and other conditions. Milan Builders Services also provides repairs services to address potentially dangerous issues, including servicing boilers to keep you are safe from harmful carbon monoxide leaks and other hazardous gases. Our expert builders also repair and restore properties that have been damaged by water, which can lead to damp-related health and structural problems. We also deliver green buildings with breathable walls to reduce the occurrence of damp problems.

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