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Are you on the lookout for a top class building company with affordable prices and environmentally conscious methods of construction? Then Milan Builders is the place for you.


We are a longstanding, respected construction firm, and are beyond proud of our reputation as one of the finest full-service construction and general contractor businesses operating in Brighton today. We have decades of combined experience amongst our employees, throughout the many sectors of the contemporary construction world.

We offer building, renovation work and maintenance of domestic, commercial and heritage structures all throughout the Sussex area.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Milan Builders is also one of Brighton’s leading groundwork firms, with a full electrical works service to boot; incorporating the latest technologies available, all types of lighting installation and a fully-fledged team of trusted and reliable electrical contractors, all working with the latest eco-friendly methods.

Our construction expertise also incorporate first-class roofing services, dedicated, professional refurbishment and renovation crews, and we boast Brighton’s finest home extension service – from initial plans all the way up to a first class, timely finish, sure to add value to any home.


vallery-drive-brighton-builders-1You might be asking yourself, ‘why should I choose Milan Builders over other firms operating in the Sussex area?’, and for good reason. It takes something special to stand out from the residential and commercial building crowd; and here at Milan Builders we make ‘special’ our key initiative.

It’s our mission to give the people of Brighton and Hove the top quality, construction and renovation that they deserve, which means hiring the right people for the job. With Milan Builders you can always rest assured that you’ll be dealing with consummate professional Brighton contractors, with full training and a passion for delivering exciting, modern and structurally sound work, at an affordable price.

When you work with Milan Builders, you get:

  • Quick, reliable and meaningful customer communication.
  • Thoughtful solutions to any issues.
  • On-time, on-budget and on-target construction work.
  • The finest workmanship in the Sussex area.
  • Realistic and fair pricing schemes for all work.
  • Environmentally conscious professionalism at all times.


Milan Builders’ construction work doesn’t simply pay lip service to environmentally sound construction work – we take it just as seriously as you. From the inception all the way to the finish line, our solutions seek to be as green as possible.

This means incorporating environmentally conscious materials into all our designs, using the latest eco-friendly construction methods when on-site and always reducing waste and needless energy expenditure.
Not only is this the ethical approach to modern building, but it saves on running costs and expenses, meaning we get the chance to pass those savings on to our happy Brighton customers at every given opportunity.


If you want the best construction company available in the Brighton and Hove area then you can do no better than Milan Builders.
Get in touch today to get things rolling on your big project – we’re just as excited as you are.

Call us on +44 1273 555 642.

Email us at [email protected]

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